• refactor: improves model output with broom.
  • chore: add broom to DESCRIPTION.
  • chore: cleanup dependencies.

Full Changelog: https://github.com/mcanouil/MiSTr/compare/v1.0.2...v1.0.3

  • Minor code changes.
  • Remove “conflicts” code.

Minor dependency changes

  • Update Minimal R version to R 3.4.

Major improvements and fixes

  • Global rewrite linear.test and linear.weight.test as one function (mist_linear) with less code redundancy.
  • Global rewrite logit.test and logit.weight.test as one function (mist_logit) with less code redundancy.
  • New mist general function to compute either logistic or linear regression in a unified framework.
  • New S3 print method for mistobject.
  • New mist_data (simulated dataset).
  • New vignette MiST with a comprehensive list of examples using mist_data.
  • Add unit testing.